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Freelance Surface Pattern & Textile Designer

I am a surface pattern and textile designer with a Bachelor of Textile Design from Massey University. I specialize in creating repeat patterns for home textile goods and stationery.

I enjoy illustrating by hand and digitally, and can work in a wide range of styles. Proficiency-wise, I am well-versed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I am committed to client accessibility—promptly addressing inquiries and accommodating requests—ensuring a comprehensive grasp of your requirements to deliver top-tier designs.

My skills include: creating seamless repeat patterns with original or existing art color separations and colorway options for prints artwork/illustrations/ideations (could be hand or digital or both!) application suggestions branding + logo design editing and recoloring photos/cads to showcase prints and graphics

When we work together, you can expect beautiful designs, clear communication, professional expertise, and 100% reliability.

Portfolio - you can see my work here:

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May 2024

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