Beau Nouvelle
iOS Development Expert with 8+ years experience.

I'm an iOS developer with over 8 years of experience developing mobile applications for companies like Reece Plumbing, IBM, City of Melbourne, and LOKE (Messina, Nando's).

My rates are around $70 - $100 per hour depending on the project. Most local angencies will charge around 3k+ per day. My rates are less than a third of that and I'll ship a better quality product. (I know this, because I used to work for one).

I'm based in Melbourne, so if your office is nearby I'm happy to work from there, otherwise correspondence can be done remotely. I have a full home office set up.

I maintain several popular open source Swift projects on Github, and have also published a book for Swift Playgrounds. You won't find a better iOS development freelancer in Melbourne.

I write clean, maintainable, tested and well documented code. Slick transitions and user interactions are guaranteed to delight you and your customers.

Available for both long term or short term projects.

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Apr 2019

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