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1500 word essay

Discuss the following statement:

Australia is well-served by its current formulary, regulations and prescribing practices.

Content area 1

Australia’s formulary. The medicines available, their cost, access to them, problem areas now and in the future.

Content area 2

Australia’s regulations. Schedules and Restrictions. How this affects new drugs and prescribing.

Content area 3

Quality of prescribing. The influences of systems, and promotions. Efforts to improve (QUM).

I need help on this essay and soon!!!!!

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Not many people are going to be willing to research and do your uni assignment for you for anything approaching an affordable price. However, if you wrote it yourself and looked for a proofreader/editor instead you might have more luck.

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Caroline Duncan

I will do it for a dollar less than MisterLloyd. But for the same reasons.

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This isn't really a university assignment writing outsourcing site - you could lose your enrolment just for posting this. Having said that, if you're willing to meet my fee, I'll consider writing it.

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