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I have a client who has a dentist clinic in Australia. They need a graphic designer for some social media posts. They will require 5 to start with. What is the total price? Please send some samples.

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Sanjay D.
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Submitted 4 May 2019 at 10:09
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Bradley Buckmaster Graphic Design & Illustration

Hi Sanjay D

Firstly, I would to thank you for expressing your interest towards acquiring my services. If you follow the link below, some of my previous work is shown

I look forward to hearing back from you

Thanks, Brad


Deliver in 5 days
Akansha Bhatt

Hi Sanjay,

My name’s Akansha and I would love to help you with your graphic design project.

I am an expert graphic designer and website design specialist who's been working in the business for 4+ years now and has helped organizations the whole way across the globe by furnishing them with a flawless and a brand personality that emerges from the rest.

I’ve reviewed your job post thoroughly and as per your ad, I can design an amazing and eye-appealing social media posts for your client according to your mentioned requirements.

Work samples

Logo samples

Business card samples

Website samples (Worked as a 3rd party)

Please review the provided links and let me know in case of any questions.

Thanks Akansha

Deliver in 5 days
Kirsty's Design Den


Should I send samples to your email? What do they require 5 of? Social media posts? Could you explain a little further please. Thank you kindly Kirsty

Deliver in 28 days
C u b e Y


I'm highly interested this work. Especially as well as an independent , well-rounded and a strategic-oriented creative designer who with entrepreneurial spirit.

I'm also a social influencer and design influencer, you can see some here (already 9K+ followers), here, here , here , here and here. I believe I can help you more. Can we discuss more details?

Some of my work:

As you see my work, I don't have a so called style limited, so no matter minimal,illustration,flat graphics,typography,retro etc. both I can work well, the style dependent on what kinds of clients come to me, so no worry this part.

I'm an experienced independent creative designer , as well as a creative thinker. Until now I already have 7 years experience in graphicdesigner industry. I Producing a diverse range of work across multiple disciplines. Specializing in concept, strategy and design. Working across branding, visual identity, creative art direction, graphic design,editorial, print,typography,illustration,websites,mobile interface and more. Strategy , Design and Innovation are my core value.

I'm an original thinker and natural project leader with a strong creative point of view, an eye for edgy, forward-thinking design, and a passion for storytelling. Also have a strong attention to detail. I'm extremely flexible to adopt different design, with a diverse range of design style, so I don't have a very solid style, I can work dependent on project and clients need. I have a good communication with a great understanding. I work independently, from initial concept to completion.

As a well-around designer, I also can help you:

*Brand Corporate/ VI/Whole Branding(Including strategic direction), full branding

*Logo development and design

*Stationary Design / Brand identity

*Business Letterheads+envelopes

*Custom any kind of creative card: invitations/greeting/wedding/birthday/post/poker deck/holiday card, etc.


*Promotion Market Material Design( include Brochure/Catalogue/lookbook/flyer/poster etc.)

*print design

*Book/magazine(include Editorial/page layout/cover):

  • Online promotion Social media brand Ads/banner/poster etc.

*Newsletter/email design

*Custom Calendar

  • CD Album

*Tag / Label



*Visual/Art direction design, Creative direction

*T-shirt/Pattern/Vector graphics/Prints



*Website pages design


My current main Softwares are:






Axure RP

After effect

However I'm also a full-time freelance designer so I can start immediately as we agree. I'm especially available for long-term ongoing type, I can work 25-60 hours per week if needed.

Please let me know if you interested, I can introduce my basics work process, time frame , price structure etc, so more details we can discuss. Look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to add my skype I'm often online so once you're ready to move on just shot me a message so we can have a conversation directly.

My skype: nikiyo-studio My email:

Estimated 10 hours

Hello Sanjay,

i am Priya Chauhan individual Worker from india, i provide graphics design/ web design and web development services remotely.

please visit my website for more information about me.

Deliver in 8 days
EG Design

Hello Sanjay,

My name is Peter, Professional Graphic Designer here in Sydney, with 30+ years’ experience in the Graphic Arts Trade. I would love the opportunity to design your social media posts.

Please view my work here or at if you like what you see or have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you Peter

Deliver in 4 days

Hey I can do what you want at short time with best qualification. I have abilities of you request. Please let me know what should i do? Sincerely Sanaz Badpa

Deliver in 2 days
VIMECO - Digital Media Marketing & BizDev Consulting

Just Facebook or Instagram, Twitter and Co too?

Deliver in 10 days

Our team is passionate about how companies can interact with their customers and reach new people.

Here's a link to some post examples that we have done for our clients.

Looking forward to hopefully hearing back from you soon

Deliver in 1 day
Bradley Buckmaster Graphic Design & Illustration

Hi Sanjay D

Firstly, I would to thank you for expressing your interest towards acquiring my services. To answer you question about what the total quote would look like, it me very beneficial if you please could describe as best as possible what the client is looking for in these social media post. When I say that, do they just images or type in the posts, or a combination of both, and would I be provided images to work with?

I look forward to hearing back from you

Thanks, Brad