software test engineers

Remote (anywhere)
Freelance / Casual
1 - 3 months

[Job responsibilities]

  1. Be responsible for the test of the project/product, participate in the analysis of product requirements, and make the test plan.
  2. According to the technical requirements of software development of the project, set up a test environment, draw up test cases, complete the test tasks in time, and ensure that the function, performance and technical indicators of the software meet the project requirements.
  3. Be familiar with software testing processes and specifications, software testing methods and strategies, and be able to independently write test cases, test plans and develop automated test scripts according to requirements and design documents.
  4. Implement software testing, track, analyze and report software problems, and promote the timely and reasonable solution of problems found in the testing.
  5. Be responsible for recording the test data and outputting the final test report, tracking the feedback of bugs and defects, and managing and maintaining the whole test process.
  6. Be responsible for the preparation of product user manuals and related test documents.
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Submitted 30 Jul 2022 at 11:04
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Bidding guide $15 - $25/hr
Average bid $4,800.00

Shrine Services

Hi, Got several years experience in Software testing and extensive knowledge in SDLC from beginning to end included test summary reports etc.. Best Regards, Kumar

Estimated 120 hours

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Hi Linda

You sent an email about this job to me, I clicked the link and left a message on Whatsapp. I never received a response

What can you tell me about this project?

Regards Sam

Shrine Services

Hi Linda, could you please give me more details about the Specific Project details if possible.. Thank you, Kumar

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