About OzLance

What we do

OzLance is a catalyst for clients and Australian and New Zealand Freelancers to create mutually beneficial, equitable freelance working arrangements based on expertise, quality, price and convenience.

We’ve found the happy medium between low cost freelance fees and high quality results and provide a place for clients to meet and select the right worker. OzLance freelancers compete on quality and credentials rather than by price alone so that clients can receive a better product or service.

When you list your freelance job on OzLance, we search our database for the best matched freelancer registrations available. We then invite them to review your listing and only apply if they feel they can deliver high quality work that meets your expectations. You can then review applications, work samples, qualifications, references and quotes and choose the best freelancer for your job.

About OzLance

OzLance was established in 2006 in response to growing frustration among local clients. Poor quality workmanship, poor communication skills and a poor understanding of Australia’s culture was earning the industry a bad name. OzLance was established to provide Australian businesses with talented, local freelancers at a reasonable cost. Today OzLance provides clients with a better option, saving them countless dollars without compromising quality and business reputation.

About Sam Georges

OzLance is what happens when freelancing is done right. From humble beginnings as a poorly paid, self-taught, whiz kid freelance designer and programmer, to building a business based on an in depth understanding of the freelance industry, Sam Georges is a key figure in the Australian Freelancing Industry.

As a freelancer, Sam grew tired of correcting shoddy workmanship while losing local contracts to the very same workers. He believed that establishing a community of reputable, local, like-minded workers would give clients a better option and give freelancers better working conditions. He made the leap from freelancer to online entrepreneur and OzLance was born. The community is always growing and Sam is continuing to use innovation and insight to improve the standards of the Australian freelance industry, after all, it’s the future of Australian business.

And the first ever OzLance job post? Banner design for the original OzLance site.