Why Choose Ozlance Freelancers?

OzLance is here to give your business exactly what it needs, high quality freelancers with incredibly low overheads and surprisingly affordable wages. We're giving Australian clients a better alternative.

OzLance Freelancers save you a bundle!

No super contributions, no insurance, no training, sick days, holidays, facilities or utilities... No more employee costs crippling your business and no paying for a consultant's employee costs either. Get all the advantages of a local, professional employee without many of the costs.

OzLance Freelancers can do better quality work!

With no or few overheads, freelance professionals can afford to charge you lower rates, so you can save a bundle without sacrificing quality. OzLance accepts only freelancers based in Australia or New Zealand and displays checkable references and qualifications.

Find the Right Person or it's Free!

Not sure if you'll find the right person? Don't pay. It's that simple. OzLance charges an optional $7 listing fee using an honesty system. So if you're worried you won't find the right person, your fee to advertise is completely free! How's that for a satisfaction guarantee! Add OzLance to your recruitment strategy every time, what do you have to lose?

Lowest Overheads for Small Business

Free to list, cheap to hire. Our tiny $7 commission means that on most jobs you'll pay only a fraction of the cost of a basic listing on the big recruitment websites.

OzLance is Quicker and Simpler

Our easy job post system makes it quick and simple to upload your ad and start receiving applications right away.

Fewer Time Wasters

Your ad will be targeted at the right people for your job. Our unique classification system means you won't have a hundred irrelevant applications for every one good one. Fewer, better targeted applications to save you time.

Local Workers Work Best

We're going to come right out and say it... Local freelancers, with native English communication skills, checkable references and qualifications are far more likely to provide you with high quality work than those freelancers using our competitor's pages. Local freelancers understand your target market because they're often part of it and local freelancers understand Australian working culture, work practices and expectations.