Happy Birthday OzLance!

OzLance has been helping aussie freelancers find work since 2006 and has reached the ripe old age of 10 years (which is like 30 in tech years!). What did we get you for your birthday? A whole new website platform!

That's right, OzLance is now running Version 4 of the marketplace, powered by the fantastic CMS called October. We spent over 18 months preparing the site based on feedback from you, our loyal customers.

So what's new?

  1. We've added more categories in: Business, Legal, Engineering & Science. Along with hundreds of curated skills and technologies.

  2. There's a new Portfolio section that lets you get a visual look at every freelancer who has a portfolio. We think this adds a new dimension to finding the right candidate for your next project.

  3. Freelancers now receive a daily digest of job offers. Previously an email notification would arrive for every project submitted. This was great when we were small, but as more and more projects were coming in, we thought it became too "spammy". We think the solution is one email per day.

  4. Clients can now submit job ads. When submitting a project, you can select to either receive quotes or request submissions from candidates. This makes it easier when you just want people to email you with their resumes.

A special note for Freelancers

Your account has been migrated from the old platform, we did the best we could to match your old profiles to the new skills. Here are some things you should do via the My Profile section, after logging in:

  • Confirm and update your skills
  • Set the budget range you usually work with (it will be set to "less than $3000" by default)
  • Update a logo image for your business
  • If you want direct leads, add a sales phone number and/or email address

Social media reboot

Our social media pages have been refreshed and we will use these for providing updates in the future.

Thanks for being a customer

I'd personally like to thank you for being a customer of OzLance, old or new. This site has been a passion project ever since the "Rent a Coder" concept became a popular idea in 2005. Over the years I have met some wonderfully enthusiastic people from all over Australia and look forward to serving you for another decade.

Happy freelancing!

— Samuel Georges
OzLance Founder

Posted on Jan 29, 2016