John ABC

Typical budget: $3,000 and under
Located in Newcastle, NSW, Australia

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Make your data work as hard as you!

a) Teradata Database Developer (v12-v16) 15 years experience specializing in Teradata big data database solutions:

  1. Create models for various campaigns and influence strategies
  2. Set up and run ETL processes from extremely varied data sources
  3. Create stored procedures / macros and views for various models
  4. Applied analytics to data for various executive reports
  5. Set up and administer quality assurance processes
  6. Work with Agile/Scrum & Waterfall Methodologies
  7. Experienced in Project/Delivery/Team Management

b) Microsoft Access and Excel Databases 15 years experience specializing in micro database solutions for small to medium size businesses:

  1. Database architecture & efficient data storage
  2. Form design and aesthetics
  3. Macro creation & VBA solutions to adhoc requests
  4. Report design and Dashboards
  5. Data migration into and out of MS Access
  6. Security
  7. Integration with Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint Etc

Other Skills are:

  1. 5+ yrs exp in MySQL
  2. 3+ years exp in Hadoop, Impala, Hive, Spark
  3. 10+ yrs exp in OOPS languages (JAVA/ VBA/ JavaScript/ PHP )
  4. 5+ years XML/ XPATH/ JSON
  5. 2+ year exp in powershell

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