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I am an independent Australian sole-proprietor business consultant resident in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. The principal objective of my consultancy is to help Client companies that can demonstrate a history of sales growth or high growth potential to raise capital for business expansion purposes. In that regard, I am an experienced business plan and equity offer information statement writer. I also prepare White Papers requiring some research.

I have written an eBook of some 350 pages that will shortly be published by Amazon and other author platforms. The title is: The Venture Capital MasterClass: everything you always wanted to know about raising equity capital ... but until now, you had no one to ask.

To further illustrate the breadth of my business experience, I also undertake more 'traditional' management consultancy functions. Services that I provide that clients have found helpful include:

• helping to turn around companies in trouble or distress,

• helping companies to prepare for, and deal with, a variety of crises,

• helping companies to implement effective pricing policies based on profitability objectives,

• helping companies to devise and implement new product or service development programs,

• helping companies to revive their profitability through performance improvement,

• helping companies with their industrial relations & people management, and

• finally and importantly, helping company directors & officers who do not use English as their language of daily use by providing them with a confidential, trustworthy & anonymous English letter & document writing & editing service that is fast and reliable.

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