My outgoing personality and my extensive commercial experience of over 12 years in the web-development industry, last 7 spent in leadership positions, makes me the right choice for any technical issues you are trying to solve. Having enjoyed working with front end technologies such as JavaScript, CSS as well as server based technologies such as PHP, .NET and Java as well as databases such as MsSQL, MySQL and others I have developed a range of skills and confidence that I can bring to the table. With any project I tackle I take major effort in ensuring I follow all standards and best practices and ensure the same approach is followed by my peers. The result is often software is that is stable, extensible and efficient.

Throughout my career I have gained an understanding of the importance of following principles and standards such as those shown by the W3C, OWASP and other groups. I approach software development from an Object Oriented perspective and utilize design patterns where appropriate. I also ensure that I stay up to date with various open source PHP frameworks such as Symfony and the Zend Framework and JavaScript frameworks such as CanJS and Angular. I strive to adopt and utilize those and other open source technologies in my own projects. Development remains my hobby as well as my job which makes it easy to keep my skills sharp and stay on the cutting edge of professional web development..

As well as a broad range of technical skills I also bring a great understanding of user centered design and the importance of creating systems that are just as complete from a usability perspective as they are from a technical perspective.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to hear from you soon

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