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I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love writing.

Writing has always come very naturally to me. It’s what I do when I feel good, and it’s what I do when I feel not-so-good, in order to help me feel better. In my primary school days, I’d constantly write short stories in my own time. As I got older I moved into journal writing, and eventually moved into writing blog posts and social media posts to express my thoughts and inner world. Writing has always been a much-loved part of my life.

As I’ve moved into running my own business, I’ve realised that this is definitely not the case for everyone!

Many people dislike writing, or it doesn’t energise them like it does for me, or perhaps they are not great at it and have no desire to improve in this area. Writing often stands in the way of business owners being able to focus on the work that fulfils them and utilises their strengths.

In our current world, most businesses have, or need to have, some sort of online presence. But maintaining this presence often takes business owners away from their core business.

And that’s where I come in. I don’t want anyone holding themselves back from doing what they love when I can step in and assist by doing the work I am passionate about.

My focus is on clear communication without the waffle. I want to help you get your messages across to your audience in an accessible, consistent and meaningful way. I don’t want you sitting at a computer struggling to write instead of getting on with the work you do so well.

I can provide content for web pages, social media, newsletters (eDMs), ebooks, blog posts and more, for those working in coaching or personal development fields.

I’d love to chat further on how I can best assist you.

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