Peter - Software Developer "Peter did a good job for us. Got it done very quickly and advised us on a better and more secure hosting package. Will be using him again." Anna K

"It has been a real pleasure working with Peter, and I really appreciated the advice and patience in helping create a website that we can be proud of and that can grow with our business. I look forward to working with Peter again in the future." John I

"Would highly recommend using Peter for your development needs! We had a few issues with our website and Peter fixed them quickly, within the deadline and tested thoroughly to ensure that everything was working. Looking forward to working with you again in the future Peter :) Thanks!" Rose M

You're here because you need a good developer. You may have issues with an existing web application which you need resolved or you require a custom solution written from scratch. Either way, you need RESULTS, and you need them yesterday.

The above testimonials (taken from previous clients) prove that I can deliver those results, increasing your profits and making you look good - on time and with zero worries.

As a web developer and consultant, I work with one single, solitary mission...

To deliver a SOLUTION, like fixing a broken database, integrating a payment gateway, making your web app interact with an API, design a custom backend control panel, create an authentication system.

In other words, I run a tight web dev shop with a single-minded focus on getting you SOLUTIONS. To that end, I specialize in:

PHP & Laravel Framework


Vue JS

React JS

Node JS

Python & Django



Linux Server Administration & Cloud Hosting.

Frontend responsive web design using frameworks such as Bootstrap

Look, I know it isn't easy hiring total strangers to do excellent work on tight deadlines. And there's obviously no shortage of "developers" promising the moon--can they really all deliver it? Like I said, choosing a stranger to do meaningful work for you just isn't as simple as getting your jacket dry cleaned.

If you're looking to have that nagging technical problem resolved, or you would like me to help you scope out a new application which aligns tightly with your overall business needs and goals, please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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