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There is a misconception between UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) but the reality is they are completely separate disciplines. UI is all about visual design and UX is about product research, user research, usability, and accessibility.

I am a UX engineer so I don't offer visual designs, although I do offer low-resolution wireframes on concepts from ideation. I then take those wireframes to a UI designer/visual designer and we work together to create high-resolution mockups which we then usability test with identified users/audience/customers.

I refer to myself as "The Users' Agent" to design & development teams. I have a genuine passion for product usability and user empathy; it drives me every day to do what is best to maximise ROI. If the end product is what's best for the user, it will typically be what's best for product's success. However, I also realise there are project limitations such as resources & technology which must be considered.

My primary areas of services are made up of, concept validation for startups & new product features, product research with users, and usability & accessibility optimisation of products.

Some of the methodologies & techniques I use: ● Product Research ● Contextual Inquiry ● Workshop Facilitation ● Usability Testing ● User Observation ● User Training ● User Interface Optimisation ● Card Sorting ● Tree Testing ● Mind Mapping ● Wireframing ● Authoring Project Briefs & User-guides ● Product Ideation

Let's have a talk to see if I have any perspective on your needs.

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