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I have been illustrating and designing for 15 years with 5 years professional experience. During this time I have worked on animations, logo design and branding, website design and of course refining my illustration skills with a keen interest for hyper realistic wildlife illustrations. I will be graduating from The University of Newcastle with a bachelor of Natural History Illustration, as well as receiving a Diploma in Marketing.

Recently I worked with a team of animators to produce a new music video for lead singer of Silverchair, Daniel John's new solo album 'Talk'. This film clip also premiered the Newcastle animation festival that traveled country wide as well as receiving media coverage on music television show RAGE.

I have a compelling love of design and would consider myself to be a perfectionist, always striving for my greatest work possible. I take a lot of time understanding exactly what it is that your looking for and spend a whole lot more time achieving what you want.

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