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Experienced Sales Account manager, creative problem solver & out of the box thinker! I excel at building loyal customer bases through exceptional customer service, to achieve both short and long-term organisation sales goals, I believe consistency and dedication build the most successful business partnerships. I found myself at "home" in the online environment, I love being creative, free thinking, developing my skills & learning new things. Virtual Pulse Virtual Assistant Services (VPVAS) provides confidential, reliable, high quality business services. Our support services will assist business people, associations, students, or private individuals.
Virtual business services are the intelligent, cost-effective and efficient business strategy of the 21st century. ​To find out more on how you can start delegating your workload and reap the benefits of having your own Personal Virtual Assistant contact me now for a confidential discussion... Free up some hours in your day, so you can shift focus back into growing your business.

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