Chris Ivins
Can't write it? I can!

If you have something to say, but can't write it the way you want it to read, I can help.

I write all the time. When I do actually sleep, I am woken by a way I can perfect that poem or make that piece of flash fiction punch a reader in the guts. Or I am plagued with ideas for something to write about. I get images in my head sometimes, and end up writing something based around those images. Or a phrase will constantly play over in my head until I give it vent on the pc. It's exhausting but I love it. I will write in preference to other activities, which sometimes means I miss out on exercise, Vitamin D, and the garden gets overgrown. I get to those things eventually. My partner has learned that he'll need to lasso me and give that lasso a big tug to get me off the chair. He doesn't always succeed.

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South Durras, NSW, Australia

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