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Hi, I'm Eeva Founder of E Bird Digital. I'm here to help you with your social media, personal or professional. I'm a social media manager with a Diploma in Social Media Marketing.

I'm here to help you with every aspect of social media including: -Growing your audience -Gaining more followers -Building trust and consistency -Improving your brand popularity

You want to maximise and grow your business?

-Profile Makeover: need to refresh your profile? This is perfect for you. You just have to watch the magic operate. I will transform your profile to increase your leads.

-Insta Reach: hashtag optimisation, customise sets of # specific to your niche to reach more people and expand your audience. Also include strategic captions, made for your content and niche, to increase your engagement and reach.

-Insta Boost: You have great content but you need more visibility. This is for you. I will organically grow your numbers of followers.

-Social Media Management: I will manage your account for you, in every aspect. Your bio, posts, stories, hashtags research, strategic caption, engagement with your community, niche trends research.

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