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This is Akther a certified Digital Marketer. So I know how to create a highly Converting Instagram & Facebook ads campaign. I will run an effective Facebook ads campaign for your business & I will manage and check your Facebook ads campaign every day and try to bring good results at a low cost.

Are you Looking for Someone Expert to create and manage Facebook ads campaign and Instagram ads to grow your business via Facebook Advertising?

Are you interested in having an expert setting up your ad campaign for optimizing it for conversion?

Are you interested in getting more leads, traffic, and customers to your business?

You're in the right place!

Creative social media wizard with good analytical skills. I convert social media users into accurately targeted visitors and high paying loyal customers who will really love what you do! Contact me or place an order and lets the magic begin! • Get Laser Targeted Ad Campaigns For Your Product/Service • Highly engaging ad copy that will make people get people to take action • Stop wasting your budget targeting the wrong audience and poor ads • Get your ads to stand out from your competition My Main Goal is to Grow your objectives of the campaign, by applying an innovative Marketing plan and precise marketing strategy

Note: I will setup your next Facebook and Instagram ads for you. Your Satisfaction is my goal. • 100% Buyer Satisfaction • 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Facebook/Instagram Ads Campaign Strategy For Your Business: • Targeted Ads Setup • Ads Management & Optimization • Research Targeted Audience • Competitor Analysis & Market research • Keyword research • Ad account setup • Catalog setup • Carousel and Catalogue Setup • Create Ads Campaign • Ad Content Creation • Domain Verified • Pixel Setup & Tracking • FB business page create. • Design cover + banner • Run Facebook ads campaign + Instagram ads Campaign. • FB 2021 (CBO) strategy. • Conversation tracking. • Daily Audit & optimization of Campaigns. • Make necessary changes in ads for higher results. • Video ads/image/Low CPC conversion • High-Quality Eye-catching Ads Copy & creative support • Research audience + ad copy + video advertisement • Social media post Design • Daily posting • Strategy, KPI goals • Report + Recommendations • Lookalike, Custom audience, Re-marketing

Types Of FaceBook Ad Campaigns I Can Run : • Website traffic/clicks • Post engagements • Conversions ads • Promote FB page for likes • Get video views • App Installation • Brand Awareness Campaign • Re-targeting, Lookalike Audience • Leads Generation ads • Message and video ads. • Store Traffic.

NOTE: You have to pay your ad cost. No one can't guarantee about sale but I can give you best traffic on your website.

Sales contact email : heightint(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. What do you need to me?

I need your facebook business manager access or log in Details . If you don't have ad account Business manager, Tell me, I will help you or give me max 10 mins to create and configure it. No worries, i will setup it for you.

  1. Do you research audience?

Yes, I will do research your niche targeted audience. 100% Granted! I can give you more reach impressions and traffic with my Facebook ads campaign.

  1. Does it include Facebook Advertising Cost?

No. You'll be billed by Facebook for advertising. This Gig's cost only cover my service fee. the ad spend is not included with my service prices.

  1. When will you set up my Facebook Ads Campaign?

I will create your Facebook Ads Campaign as soon as I can, depending on my workload When you purchase my gig and give me the requirement ,I will start the project in same days.

  1. Do you setup Facebook pixel?

yes, but you need to give me the access on your website than I can setup it.

  1. Can you give me the guarantee for sales?

I can give you the guarantee for the quality campaigns, but I can give you the sells guarantee as it depend on the website, product, price, quality etc. Actually sales depends on your product quality/Service and store design also product price. My goal is to drive targeted audience to your store. Please note that I don't guarantee any sales or conversion on any of my services, in order for you to get sales you will need to have a good product, website and offer. I can only control the ads and to whom it shows but I cannot control what people do once they are on your website.

  1. What do I need before placing an order?

You need a Facebook page or website and a Facebook ad account to begin.

  1. What other services do you offer?

I provide quality work, free of any errors and mistakes and do my work with dedication and concentration. All the services you will get from me as following:

  1. Facebook ad campaign setup

  2. Google Search Ads Campaign Setup

  3. Google Display Ads Campaign and Re-Marketing Setup

  4. Merchant Center Configure & Google Shopping Ads Campaign.

  5. Youtube ads campaign

  6. Facebook, Instagram shop create

  7. Digital marketing on social media Pinterest, Linked, Instagram, bing+yahoo, Twitter Marketing

  8. Pixel Set up

  9. Business manager verification

  10. Email marketing

  11. Will you create an ad image/video for me?

Yes, I can design simple ad images and videos for Facebook ads campaign. If you do not like that, you will need to provide me the images/videos you like. I will make the adjustment for Facebook ads sizes accordingly.

For monthly ad account management please contact me to get a quote for that:

nsis_ctg(at)yahoo(dot)com heightint(at)gmail(dot)com

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