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My business Chaos Intergalactic Scenes Art and Production can give all that need including those extra hours when you need them.

We provide professional secretarial and administrative support plus desktop publishing and graphic design. Not only this, we provide content writing, blog writing, and web contact writing. Proofreading and editing are also part of the very swift and accurate services we provide. We do this remotely from Melbourne, Australia with affordable rates per hour and offering temporary or permanent contracts.

This proposal is written with the goal of offering services for your company which can help your performance and take care of that workload which cause you anxiety by outsourcing it to us and we can honestly say we are here to take the stress off your hands and also reassure you those deadlines will be met by both you and us with ease. We work with our clients using collaborative methods to ensure long term relationships as well as guaranteed completion and satisfaction.

Benefits of hiring us via outsourcing the administration, design and editing plus writing duties for your company are as follow:

o Cost effective. o Professional partnership. o Flexibility. o Reliability. o Backup support. o Frees up your valuable time.

We have experience in

 Typing.  Content writing.  Website editing.  V logs or blogs production.  Social media.  Researching.  Brochures or Flyers?  Copy typing.  Copywriting.  Editing and proofreading.  Book typing.  Desktop publishing.  Graphic design.  Web design using websites such as, GoDaddy or and other platforms.  Administrative duties.  Blog or website content.  Writing  Appointment making  Plus more.

We work remotely and have all the necessary equipment to give you work satisfaction. You will have complete confidentiality and accurate work done and ready in time to meet the deadlines with results which will give you what you need to prosper and fulfil your own obligations to your own clientele.

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