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About Lainey Quinn, Founder and Freelance Digital Marketer at Hawk Marketing

Lainey Quinn has 7 years of experience in digital marketing and 5 years of experience in journalism. Her professional writing and journalism career began in 2012 whilst she was completing her BA Hons Degree in Journalism in Dublin, Ireland. It was during her degree that she was invited to write for several national newspapers and international magazines, including the Irish Independent, The Sun, Metro Herald, the Irish Post and more. Over the next 5 years whilst working as a freelance journalist for a list of publications, she covered topics including crime, health, fitness, HR, travel, local events and breaking news.

In 2015, Lainey moved on to complete a diploma in Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media Marketing and set off on a new career. Since then, she has worked in several digital marketing roles for global companies and at the same time founded Hawk Marketing where she currently operates from Perth, Western Australia. As of now, Lainey's marketing portfolio includes brands from industries such as education, recruitment, fitness, property/real estate, legal, renewable energy, finance, health & beauty, and engineering.

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