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5* freelance data-driven digital marketing fuelled by 13 years of journalism and SEO content writing experience.

Combining 5 years of journalism experience and 7 years of digital marketing management, Hawk Marketing flawlessly executes 5-star, results-driven, freelance digital marketing services that achieve accelerated growth, long-term sales profitability and a huge return on investment for businesses. Our services include social media marketing, advertisements, search engine optimisation, email marketing, SEO website copywriting and research-backed, long-form blog articles.

About the Founder of Hawk Marketing Lainey Quinn is a top digital marketing specialist with 13 years of content writing experience, based in Perth, Australia. She established Hawk Marketing in 2015, in her hometown, County Dublin, Ireland. Since then, she has worked closely with over 200 brands from all around the world hailing from industries such as AI, HR/recruitment, retail, hospitality, education, mining, engineering, oil & gas, fitness, sales, legal, travel and more.

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