Jo Moreau
Communicating with Government, Statutory Body, or NGO? Submissions, Ministerials, Enquiries. Put your position and your concerns forward with clarity in a structured format that will be noticed.

I specialise in writing submissions to government and governmental bodies. I have over 16 years experience in policy development for various State and Federal Government agencies, have participated in major interdepartmental and intergovernmental reviews and Commissions of Inquiry into various aspects of the following policy issues:

▪️Business development;

▪️ Centrelink entitlements;

▪️ Education Policy;

▪️ Employment Policy;

▪️ Indigenous employment;

▪️ Job Network providers and services;

▪️Housing and Homelessness;

▪️Risk Management;

▪️ Occupational Health and Safety; and

▪️ Workers Compensation.

I have long experience in providing advice and assessments to Government entities and NGOs, assessing and responding to submissions to Governmental Inquiries and Reviews, both internal and public, and in reviewing, assessing and responding to Ministerial Correspondence.

I am not at liberty to publish my previous work, as it is either protected by the Public Service Acts of the Commonwealth and of NSW, is ‘Commercial-In-Confidence’, or the intellectual property of the client. I offer you the same protections - I will never discuss, divulge or publish the work I do for you without your express written permission. I am here to assist you to get YOUR concerns and perspectives across.

I take pride in my thoroughness, my research skills, communication with my clients and on-time delivery.

Don’t procrastinate, as I don’t do last minute rush jobs. I will give your work the utmost skill, diligence and appropriate time, but I have other work duties which I will not compromise by spreading my personal resources too thin.

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