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My name's Fiona, and I've been a freelance copywriter, journalist and digital content specialist for 14 years. I'm an adaptable, resourceful and experienced storyteller with a genuine conviction in keeping quality content alive, creating original, professional and on-the-money copy that truly connects with audiences and rises above the rest.

Quality writing is a craft; words are our tools. When used effectively and imaginatively, these tools can inspire, compel, persuade, provoke, engage and enlighten. With every project I undertake, my aim is to use the tools I have to their fullest effect.

I'm a Sydney based freelance wordsmith specialising in feature stories, marketing copy and high quality online content. I've been a professional journalist and copywriter since 2005, working alongside several boutique Australian marketing agencies.

My portfolio includes news articles, editorials, websites, blogs, media releases, newsletters, brochures, bios, corporate communications, job ads, awards submissions and video scripts. My freelance projects have increasingly shifted towards the digital sphere, and often my integral involvement is required during all stages of content planning, social media strategy, revsions, testing, SEO and post-project performance assesment.

I’ve contributed to numerous lifestyle publications, writing extensively on popular culture, music, travel, food and lifestyle.

Whether you have a complete draft or just a scrap of an idea, and whether you need something serious, playful or slick and professional, I have the skills, the versatility and the perceptiveness to make sure you receive words that are right for you.

My guarantee is a prompt and professional approach to every request and accurate, error-free work at all times.

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