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I provide the sales and digital marketing services and have 10 years experience.

I have worked in the sales, software and digital marketing space for over 10 years now. I have closed over 300 deals in that time and generated millions in revenue for different companies. My experience includes working as a vendor for Facebook through Accenture on the Advocacy team. I helped businesses grow using Facebook and spoke to companies who have had great success using Facebook to grow their business. I learned so much about the technology industry and Social Media marketing in this role.

After this, I moved onto work for Bionic Universal Marketing, a Facebook Marketing Partner. Here I worked with businesses to grow their sales on Facebook, Google, and other digital platforms, and I helped manage the relationship with brands directly as well as with agencies across the world. In less than a year I progressed to Sales Manager. I then worked as sales manager in a number of companies, perfecting and successfully replicating a strategy that can be implemented in any B2B business to grow their sales.

I have helped brands build their businesses from the ground up, and I have grown businesses that have already been operating for several years. I am passionate about sales, digital marketing, and customer management. Allow me to work with you, and let me show you how I can positively impact a company.

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