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I'm John Gates and I'm Mediagate Consulting Pty Ltd - Mediagate is my self-publishing medium - currently two books published:

The first is "15 Secrets to Success in Multi Level Marketing" - just a small e-book that I put together one rainy Sunday from personal experience and about 10 blog articles that I wrote when I was interested in that subject, back then.

I recently published "International Trade - the Ins and Outs of Import and Export" - you can find both books at my two websites - Mediagate Consulting - and John Gates and on Smashwords and Amazon.

It's a lighthearted but technical work - designed for the newbie trader who is ready to go out and conquer the world of Trade - it's all about "the unknown unknowns" don't know what you don't know and the trips and traps that you can fall into - if anyone wants to write a review you can have the book free of charge and I'll also acknowledge you - just go to

I'm now a few chapters in to my big work - The Novel!! - still struggling with it, and a friend gave me a great bit of advice - start it off as your autobiography, make it interesting, try to add in every interesting character or event that you can think off and eventually a great story line will leap off the page!! I'm living the dream!

Apart from that I work as a freelance writer and occasional voice over artist - give me a try!! If you hate my work you won't pay a cent.

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