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Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

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Feb 2017

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I have worked with Krystle on multiple writing projects close to about year now. Krystle took over from my previous writer and was quick to understand the language and voice we created for our company and was able to run with it immediately. She has in fact always managed to exceed my expectations and take the writing to a next level. Krystle is definitely an amazing writer. She has a very beautiful style of language, very sophisticated, very creative and can break down complex concepts so that they are very easy to understand and follow. I genuinely recommend Krystle to anyone who needs to get some writing work done. You definitely won't be disappointed. And I do look forward to many more projects together.
Matt Cumming
Having run a team of writers for a fast-paced, high-traffic digital magazine, I’ve seen the full gamut—from the many who *claim* to be writers (and really shouldn’t) or those who are just annoyingly average, to those talented few who could probably write impeccable prose with their hands tied behind their back. Krystle is most definitely one of the latter; with writing that is incredibly intelligent, accurate and fascinating. Krystle’s broad range of journalistic skills, disarming manner, real-world experience and insightful approach make her an easy choice for any writing role. Most remarkable is Krystle’s ability to find the story—something genuinely engaging—even in the most mundane of topics. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about producing world-class content with an extraordinary creative alchemy which takes the written word and spins it into literary gold.
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