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Hi, I love to write.

Writing is such an underrated tool. It slows up our thought process and allows us to breath as we express ourselves in text. How helpful is that?
How often have you and I, even as children, jumped in an thought about the consequences or the depth of the water just as our big toe licked the edge of the splash?

Been there a few times both as a young child and perhaps as I slightly matured too, and I realised how I could actually use this tool of writing to pause and look around and take in what was around me. We use our imagination, and with patience create the flowing words of grammar and text. I have thoroughly enjoyed my own experiences with both ‘Words and Writing’ and I hope to grace your presence with my words, thoughts and time in the future.

Kind Regards, SK.

Freelance Blogging/Buisiness Review exp, Editor, Software/W. Expander skills, Medical studies & tech. writing interests, Creative Writer at heart, hard worker and portrays or communicates well with text expression. Adaptable and enjoys a challenge!

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