We design, develop, implement and support innovative solutions for the worlds problems.

You will be engaging a father/son team with the best of wisdom from a long career in IT and the newest ideas of today's technology. We have over 30 years IT, coding, security auditing and support experience across many platforms. We can build and configure a solution and an interface to suit your best fit use patterns.

We have developed many microcontroller and Raspberry pi projects including web servers, media centre style jukebox solutions, and child safe proxy filters. We have experience in security testing against Web sites and services, Wireless and wired network infrastructure, configuration reviews of infrastructure and servers of several operating system flavours.

Holding certifications which include CISSP, CISA, CREST CRT, PCI QSA and PA-QSA, we are able to tackle your information security, policy and technology projects from a strong and broad base of experience.

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Adelaide, SA, Australia

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Nov 2017

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