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Media Strategy, Planning & Buying + Marketing Consulting - all channels - online, offline, search & social

Argentum Media is a boutique media planning & buying agency, which provides media planning & buying as well as marketing consultancy services to Australian businesses.

With 20+ years experience across large media agencies Argentum Media has experience across :

A) a wide range of media channels:

Traditional offline & online:

  • Television, Press, Magazines, Radio, Out of Home, Cinema, Digital Display, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing

Non Traditional / Ambient / Guerrilla:

  • Experiential, In-store activations, Street posters, Scooter advertising, Chalk art, Walking boards, Bathroom advertising, Gym advertising etc.

B) across a broad range of business categories, eg:

Retail, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, FMCG, Direct Response, Financial, Travel, Media, Hardware, Real Estate/Property Development, New Homes, Recruitment, Amenities, Stationery, Events, Toys, Education plus many more.


C) is able to plan and buy media across Australia and New Zealand

Argentum Media will work with you as your media / marketing agency to understand your business / brand, your target audience and competitors in order to develop sound media and marketing recommendations to achieve your business goals.

Argentum Media is able to develop the strategy, plan & implement the media / marketing activity, project manage the campaign, work with your internal &/or external suppliers to traffic creative elements (ensuring right ad runs at the right time, in the right place), then track & monitor activity to ensure campaign is running as planned and finally post analyse to determine whether objectives were met & to gain learnings & insights to incorporate into next planning cycle.

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