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Script Reading: From shorts to features, by amateurs or pros alike, I will read scripts and provide coverage within my capacity as a student Script Reader. That could include anything from technical feedback on presentation and formatting to full script coverage. I'm not attached to a studio but would cover your script up to my level of expertise where it fits your job offer. I'm studying the Effective Script Reading Online Course with Industrial Scripts®. Before switching to and completing a degree in Librarianship & Corporate Information Management, I'd been enrolled in a Professional Writing degree. I therefore minored in English (Creative & Professional Writing). Before and after that formal training, I'd completed significant screenwriting courses and workshops, and have minutely studied dozens of both popular and lesser-known scriptwriting texts. You could think of me as a pre-submission reader who may help raise the quality of your script for submission to studio readers or other gatekeepers.

Note: This is a new direction as of 2022, in case you were looking for my former profile!

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Perth, WA, Australia

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