Aimee T Pearce
Educator, Instructional Designer, Online Course Creator

Hi :) I'm Aimee. I have a passion for learning through technology. I have experience working in Secondary Education, Learning Management Systems, creating learning materials for professional adults. I am particularly experienced in creating visual learning tools as I am a visual learner myself. I enjoy the challenge of understanding learning outcomes and content to transform it creatively into a more digestible medium. Infographics, presentations, instructional videos GIFs or guides are my favourite tools to create. However, I have versatile talents being an educator so I can create text heavy or visual products for your business goals. I have worked in retail, superannuation, sales, education and government industries and can relate to many situations, vital when creating learning tools. Please contact me for any work relating to creating visual tools or designs for instructive or marketing purposes. As I am new to freelancing I would be happy to work with a client on a small job pro bono. Chat soon!

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