Berry Dunstan
Everything writing; plus event management, small project management, a little graphics, presentation skills, coaching and marketing, wrapped in a comforting and competent admin blanket

I write your vision so others can embrace it; I create your projects and conduct your events on time, to a high quality standard - and within budget.

I provide you with timely, well- researched power points and speech notes to make your points clearly, concisely: aiming to win.

I write your letters with flair, ghostwrite your books with care and match words with stunning images, creating magic with finished art for your brochures.

I know where the commas go, what to do with a semicolon and how to spell exotic words and medical terminology, together with what it means and what the ramifications are.

I style your photographs, direct your photographers and suggest the best proofs, providing you with stunning statement images on time - and importantly, on budget.

I create your newsletters, layout and print to requirements, manage your mailing list, send out your email and PDF updates - and deal with crotchety clients, vague tyre-kickers and your mate who never gets off the phone.

I kick around ideas with you, brainstorm the perfect solution and use opportunity management to stretch your resources and provide you with the best outcome.

EA/PA and VA work? Not a problem.

I can provide you with hourly or project rates, or packaged slabs of time to help your business grow and thrive.

Whether I’m across the office or across the globe, I have skills to help you be successful in a whole host of areas.

As a contractor, I step in when you need me and step back when you are done. You know where you stand and what my progress is with each step of your contract. I happily go the extra miles you need and I’m proud of my work; you be the judge.

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Riverton, WA, Australia

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Jan 2018

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