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I write, mentor, critique, review, format and publish everything from fiction to technical and business documents , all powerfully crafted to draw attention and influence readers.

Well chosen words, optimally arranged, don't just 'nudge the world'. They rock it!

How do you seek to educate or influence?

Do you need to produce:

  • electrifying news bulletins or press releases?
  • enticing investment offers or dispute resolution suggestions?
  • exhilarating business reports or plans?
  • inspiring informational or instructional text?
  • persuasive marketing copy?
  • an evocative story that readers will love, talk about and remember?

Words are powerful. Used with skill, they can:

  • educate, influence, motivate, inspire, and entertain,
  • drive personal, political and social change,
  • build self-esteem and decision-making confidence,
  • resolve disputes and entirely alter behaviour,
  • drive sales and turn customer complaints into enthusiastic referrals.

Words can make you laugh, cry, love, hate, rage with fury, or clap and dance for joy. They can transport you to exotic places, or a different era, and compel you to walk in another’s shoes, feeling their joys and pains and understanding their thinking and beliefs. They can make you recall vividly an experience you never actually had. They can so impress a concept in your mind that you will remember it forever.

I can choose and arrange the words, or I can edit, critique or review your writing to help you produce great copy that attracts optimum results.

Writing great copy is a vital part of messaging effectively, but it’s only part of the recipe for success. Formatting and presentation is equally important in written communication. As an expert layout artist and typographer, with extensive training in marketing, publishing and web technology, I will not only create a powerful message, I’ll ensure it’s communicated to best effect, regardless of the chosen medium. I can format, typeset and create layouts that maximize the power of visual presentation to nudge your world... or rock it.

Regardless of the genre, the flavour you seek, your chosen medium, and the mindset of your target reader, you’ll benefit from my astonishingly vast and diverse range of life experiences, open and curious mind, and advanced research skills. In particular, a sound knowledge of human psychology enables me to identify just the right tone for the readers you seek to impress. My boundless energy and passion for always vastly exceeding client expectations guarantees you quality services and value that will delight. And if for some reason I don't delight, you don't pay!

A little more about me...

Writing is my passion, but I will only ever take on projects when I know I have the necessary knowledge, life experience, research skills and detailed understanding to produce a genuinely great result… a result that evidences the astonishing power of words carefully chosen and properly arranged and presented.

My writing career began with the writing of the 15-lesson, 1800+ page, ‘’The Layout Course in Visual Software Development’’. This correspondence course sold globally and enabled hundreds of thousands of novices and newbies to master a complex science. Students went on to careers as software developers, designers, testers, and project managers.

Although rendered obsolete by operating system advances, ‘’The Layout Course’’ remains the achievement of which I am proudest. Since writing it, I have penned a plethora of instructional texts, informational works (many ghost-written), business plans and reports, investment offer documents, marketing documents, articles, reviews, critiques, resumes, short stories, novels, poems, and even song lyrics. I have also mentored writers to produce novels, short story collections, biographies and memoirs. I’ve arranged publication of books that now sit on library shelves and are selling through bookstores all over the world.

Please browse my portfolio. Visit my website, www.rainbowriter.com. Click the ‘’Testimonials’’ link to read comments from past clients.

Phone me, or email the details of your project and needs. Together, let’s harness the power of well-chosen words, skilfully arranged and presented, to achieve your life goals.

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Tom Kwok
When I completed a draft of my memoir - a coming-of-age story about an immigrant Chinese boy growing up in Australia in the 1960s - I was quite satisfied with the results and thinking I had a hit on my hand, I entered my manuscript into two literary competitions, and sent it to a publisher. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to have my work published. Doubts began to emerge. Had I taken the wrong approach? In late 2014, I met Lorraine Cobcroft, of Rainbow Works Pty Ltd, at a literary workshop. She offered to read my manuscript and provide me with a critical feedback. Her assessment of my draft was that my story was interesting but that with some modifications, it would have greater appeal and success in the marketplace. She suggested an entirely different approach which included: rearrangement of the early chapters; creating an element of mystery and suspense to keep readers on the journey of discovery; and putting greater emphasis on Chinese culture and tradition, history and immigration to Australia. She also helped to address overwriting, repetition and filtering, reducing the draft by at least 10,000 words. She also suggested a change to the title to arouse interest and curiosity amongst non-Chinese readers. Others might think Lorraine’s approach is too critical, but I really appreciated her honesty and felt completely comfortable entrusting my story with her. She preserved by writing style and maintained my voice. I believe that she has shaped an end product which is significantly better than my original, and greater than my expectations. Lorraine is like a lapidary. Instead of cutting and polishing precious stones, she cut and polished my manuscript. With her expert knowledge and skills, she deftly pulled my draft apart and reassembled it. The finished product is impressive and one that I am very proud of. Lorraine keeps the writer’s best interests at heart. Her main objective is to provide the writer with food for thought and assist with rewriting and telling the story in the best way possible. I have no hesitation in recommending Lorraine for her professional services. Tom Kwok
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