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Qualified geologist with skills in technical writing and proofreading, error checking, data analysis and database validation.

Hello there ! My name is Matthew and I am new to Ozlance.

I am a qualified geologist (BSc - Geology & Geophysics) with over ten years of experience in mineral exploration, mining and field engineering. My skills and experience include :

  • Technical writing and document proofreading.
    • Data analysis and database validation using Excel and Access.
    • Spatial data analysis on a variety of GIS data sets, experienced in using GIS for Earth Science and Engineering applications.
    • Strong attention to detail to identify and eliminate sources of error in your data or documents.

For your documents - I can assist with checking and identifying issues with English grammar, spelling and punctuation, and with content problems such as logic inconsistencies and repetition.

For your data - I can assist with data analysis and validation of small or large data sets, spatial data analysis and coordinate conversion.

For your convenience - I accept Paypal and hold an ABN with a registered business name. I offer a tax invoice to all customers.

I welcome your enquiry for short or long-term work. Please send me an email today to get started.

Thank you

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