Marissa Wreford
Engaging, differentiated and focused writing for any professional or creative needs. Proof reading, editing and critique for any content from creative and academic writing through to job applications and anything in between.

I have 15 years of work experience with financial services and bookkeeping. I am currently employed within a state government agency and undertake research and policy and guideline writing as part of my position as well as ICT management, HR, financial and site management, and marketing/website tasks. I have been a member of multiple selection panels for government vacancies and accordingly am able to effectively advise on and/or create statements addressing selection criteria.

I am also currently studying a degree in Psychology, Criminology and Justice and accordingly have experience in academic writing, literature reviews and have exceptional research skills. I have a blog that details my current experience living with a rare cancer diagnosis. Please follow the link in my profile to see content that has been written by me. I am working on a children’s picture book with a theme of female ability and empowerment within science and technology.

I have advanced data entry skills and website design and content experience.

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