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Got a book in you, but not know where to start?

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Ready to take the plunge and self-publish?

When I self-published my memoir, Saving St Brigid’s, the last thing I expected was to score a job as Director of Publishing in a commercial publishing house. It goes to show that a well written book can take you places you never thought you'd go! And so having now published dozens of books on both sides of the publishing ‘fence’, I can help you decide which path is best for you.

Whether you need a writing coach to simply get started, or an editor to fine tune your story, I can support you through every step of the process. Maybe you need a book designer, or advice on how to market and sell your book? Trust me, I’ve done those hard yards and am well recognised for my generosity in sharing my knowledge. I can be the ‘one stop shop’ you’re looking for.

Now, as the founding director of Laneway Press, I most love to work with authors who like to challenge the status quo.

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I hired Regina to help me write a lengthy argument for use in a legal matter and was beyond pleased with the results. The finished product was not only highly detailed, it was persuasive, convincing, and and read with impressive prose considering the subject matter. Besides her ability as a writer I found Regina to be professional, industrious, and thorough. She put a lot of thought and care into what she produced with me and I was very happy that someone has suggested I use her.
Steve Hodder
‘Regina was exceptionally generous with her time and advice, which I very much appreciated in the early stages of writing my history book. She has a good heart - not many people would give their time as freely as she does’. Steve Hodder, author
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