Mimmi Hetorp
Marketing Project Management & Community Building

Marketing & Crowdfunding Project Manager with vast experience in community building and engagement, equity and rewards-based crowdfunding, digital marketing, strategy development, brand building and copy writing.


• Crowdfunding: Experience in project managing and launching several successful crowdfunding campaigns, both equity and rewards based, as well as mini bonds, raising well over $60m in funds from tens of thousands of people across the world.

• Community building and consumer engagement: Experience in building and engaging global communities of shareholders, fans and followers.

• Digital marketing: Project managed the build of several websites and webpages, created and populated content for optimized website SEO, managed and launched digital ad campaigns and build email newsletter campaigns.

• Social media & copy writing: Experience in creating and executing social media strategies to build & engage communities, as well as creating engaging daily social media content, blog posts, email newsletters and press releases with different target audiences.

• Brand building: Experience in building and executing business plans and marketing strategies to build up a brand from scratch in foreign markets, as well as creating new brands to launch in familiar industries.

• Leadership: Managerial and leadership skills with experience in managing other teams as well as my own, as well as working with marketing agencies, PR agencies and other third-party suppliers.

• Languages: Fluent in Swedish, English, Norwegian and Danish, and good understanding of French.

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Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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Oct 2018

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