Christopher Martin
I am a sole-trader providing software development, analysis and troubleshooting services to small business clients.

Some recent projects have provided the following benefits to clients:

  • To an agricultural services business: for the irrigation systems they provide, a simple IC configuration language with web-based and automated control functions.
  • To a manufacturing services business: web-based control of a simple microcontroller for IoT applications.
  • To a start-up business providing home maintenance services: customised front-end and back-end software for enhanced website functionality including Google Maps interfaces and service booking features; database import/export features; improved data integrity and code quality; and project management assistance to the CIO.
  • To a travel agency: an interface to efficiently connect their website to the Tourplan NX online service.
  • To a small business providing Human Resources services: cleansing and transformation of some large HR data sets, thus improving data integrity.
  • To a small business providing services and equipment for entertainment events: automated live transformation of GoPro videos with added special effects for upload to social media.
  • To a hobby farmer with a farmstay business: a method to generate satellite maps with polygon overlays from the treatment records of a pest eradication programme, thus enabling improved visualisation and assessment of experimental outcomes.
  • To a PhD student in Psychology: a new experimental apparatus enabling her to investigate a new theory for her thesis.
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