Ann Kay

I am not new to Virtual Administration., having been in the industry for 10 years.

Below is an idea of the types of duties I have fulfilled throughout my career in roles of Administration and Management.

• General administration duties including but not limited to filing, data entry, document creation and maintenance, maintenance of office equipment and stationary, use of purchase orders, accounts payable and receivable, use of all Microsoft applications.

• Reception duties including but not limited to telephone switch, client liaison and customer service with both internal and external clients, assistance and scheduling of appointments.

• Personal assistance duties including but not limited to travel and accommodation, calendar and diary management, personal errands, meeting preparation and agendas, event co-ordination.

• Management experience including but not limited to rostering, budgets, customer complaints, tender applications, payroll, fleet management, recruitment and human resources and marketing.

I have been utilising various computer systems since joining the workforce in 2000 and pride myself on the ability to learn new systems and software’s quickly and efficiently. I enjoy working both as a part of a team and as an individual, and believe that the opportunity to work with others allows the opportunity to adapt and learn new skills.

I previously had my business for 6 years, therefore my ability to prioritise tasks and adhere to strict KPI and deadlines is exceptional. I strongly believe in the saying time is money and am always ensuring that tasks are completed as time efficiently as possible.

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