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We write what you need when you need it - professional resumes, selection criteria, ebooks, business articles and other marketing documents to build your success in your career and in your business.

Have you planned on writing a book ''one day'? Make it happen with a little bit of help from an experienced author. I've ghost written dozens of books an articles that promote a business and educate their clients. For example, I wrote a book on 'Neuromarketing for the Fitness Industry' for a client who was selling resources for his clients through his website.

Perhaps you have a book inside you that s shouting to get out? I can help you work out a book plan and go through the steps to get your book written and published. I did this with a client in Canada who wanted to write a book about her experience with Huntington's Disease. She used the book as a springboard to build her public speaking and podcasting business.

If you want fiction books, don't call me. I stink at writing fiction.

Look forward to a chat with you to get your name in print. Mine is.

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