Fernando Iriarte
Python Web Scraping & Cisco Meraki Dashboard Scripting

Hi there! I'm Fernando. I've been working as a Python freelance developer for 2+ years. As a python developer I've been developing several web scraping scripts for different clients , providing them the data requested in different formats such as csv, json etc. My main achievement as a python developer is the development of several scripts(for a certain client) that interact with Cisco Meraki Dashboard using API and make settings changes in the organizations and networks, creates orgs and networks and also generate different sorts of data, exports them all to csv or json and generates DataFrames for further integration in other platforms.

PS* I've got solid knowledge in both Git and Github platforms.

I can help you with:

  • Web Scraping(Scrapy, bs4, requests, Pandas , API, Json, CSV)*Using Python3
  • Scripting - for any sort of interaction with Cisco Meraki Dashboard

I'm a very fast learner and I can quickly adapt myself to new systems and platforms. I take work very seriously and guarantee my clients a serious and focused approach towards any project I take on.

Lets work!


Fernando Iriarte

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Mission Bay, AUK, New Zealand

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