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Hi I am Robbie Tapping, running a freelance business called robbietapping.com.au.

Currently work in the Business Intelligence and Consultancy sector building .Net Systems and Web Applications and Web Services for a multitude of environments.

My skills are well known across Sydney and Melbourne and have many clients I can refer you too for reference.

Along with Oracle/Sybase and MSSQL Database skills.

Vb.net & C# are my main development languages for windows applications and PHP/MYSQL and ASP.net are for Web Interfaces.

Have done work with Windows Media Centre, building integration applications between Windows Media Centre and Touch Screen Panels that also integrate with HAI Home Automation Systems.

Please contact me at anytime if you would like to discuss anything. More than happy to talk with you before a decision is made if i am the right person for your job.

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Caulfield, NSW, Australia

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Jun 2009

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