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Hi my name is Cindy Isabelle Schulter,

I CAN work for you and you’ll be not only amazed but satisfied and content from the work I give you back...

I am an Author and Bloggist, Graphic Designer and Desktop Publisher, accomplished Artist and Psychic Tarot Reader and lastly a typist and freelancer of virtual assistants...

How can I help you?

I am happy to start working ASAP.

I am keen work hard and be the best at what ever I do.. I love all aspects of business and currently I am re-entering the work force.

I feel I have the necessary skills to help you on any project you require.

thank you for your consideration..

I am 45 years old single mum of two kids and have been currently working on my art and own business but need something to add to my work life balance and I feel working with you would do this.

I am freelancing as a virtual assistant while working on designing my own tarot deck and starting my own business...

Currently I have plenty of time to spare to be able to work full time so please do not hesitate to ask if you need to know more. Or would like a copy of my resume

Hope this receives you well

Be blessed

Cindy Schulter

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Wheelers Hill, VIC, Australia

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Aug 2019

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