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Gemma is a scriptwriter, researcher, and editor specialising in podcasts, article writing, proofreading and expanding into social media content curation.

Gemma holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and Master of (Social Science) Criminology. Her personal passion lies in non-fiction, investigative storytelling in a narrative format.

Having worked on true crime podcasts Casefile (Aus), Canadian True Crime (Can), and Obscura (US), Gemma has a keen interest in the minutiae of complex and often emotionally-charged stories - crafting detailed and compelling content which captivates audiences whilst maintaining the utmost journalistic integrity.

Gemma has over 10 years of experience working in the Australian government sector, specifically with statutory agencies where investigation and analysis of issues was a primary focus. This saw Gemma develop advanced writing, research, interviewing and analytical skills, superior conflict management and complaint handling skills. These attributes, alongside Gemma's personal flair for creativity, ability to establish rapport quickly, and innate ability to engage people both verbally and through her writing, make Gemma uniquely qualified to research, write and edit a huge variety of content.

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