Blake Downward
Experienced Ecommerce Specialist: Tailored Solutions to Grow Your Online Business

Do you need a reliable Developer/Project Manager for your business?

Do you need someone you can trust? Someone who will cut through the jargon and only give you solutions that are aligned with your business objectives?

You need to call Blake today for an obligation free chat about your business or project.

With over 10 years experience developing websites and digital assets, Blake is just as comfortable making your website load faster, as he is creating and tracking a marketing campaign to grow your sales.


Starting a new business venture or project can be overwhelming. Blake can help you apply "Lean" principles to your project, ultimately cutting-away unnecessary tasks and expenses, and simply focusing on your core business objectives.


How do your customers find you? How do you find new customers?

Marketing can be a daunting task for many businesses, simply because there are hundreds of marketing channels available, and each one claims that it is the one that will bring you the most business. The truth is, each business and their customers are truly unique. That's why any decent marketing strategy will start with the customer.

WHO are your customers? WHAT do they like? WHAT do they do? And most importantly... WHERE do they hang out? Answering these questions will lead you directly to the most effective marketing channels for reaching your customers.

Blake has a Bachelors Degree in Commerce, and a Masters Degree in Economics (International Trade).

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