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I am looking to hire a cad designer to do floor plans, elevations, ceiling views, 2d & 3D plans for a three bedroom residential building.

I am posting this as a fixed price job, but I have no idea if the budget I posted is possible or not. I will consider applications well above the fixed price listed, if necessary.

The plans also need to fulfill our County's building permit requirements, which ask for the following:

Foundation plan: show dimensions of foundation, wall thickness, footing width and thickness

Floor plan: label rooms and include dimensions

Floor framing Plan: show size and spacing of floor joists. Include beam sizes and post locations.

Roof framing Plan: show size, span, and spacing of rafters.

Typical Wall Section: Indicate the size and spacing of studs. For any wall openings greater than 4 feet please show header sizes

Elevations to demonstrate building height.

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Fred B.
Joined Mar 2019
Submitted 11 Mar 2019 at 15:47
Expired 11 months ago
Bidding guide $750 - $1500
Average bid $2,562.00

[Deleted user]

I will modelling 3d for house.

Estimated 24 hours
[Deleted user]

Hello i see you need help with 3D design. I would love to offer my assistance on the same. I promise to deliver high quality work on time.

Deliver in 1 day
Intuition SofTech Australia

Hi Fred, This is Steve from Sydney. I have created similar model before and also created the Virtual reality model for a duplex. We have expertise in CAD, unity 3D, 3D modeling and Designing etc. We can meet and discuss about the work involved. Let me know when you will be available. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards: Steve

Deliver in 21 days
Porus Designers

Hi Fred, I am working full-time in Sydney and I have experience working on Development application (DA) and construction documentation in NSW. I would love to design and model a three bedroom residential building for you. I have exceptional design skills and can design a home that you wish.

Deliver in 14 days

Hi, I am a chartered professional engineer with the institution of Engineers Australia. Based on your explanation, some elements of the building need engineering design and then drafting so the local council can approve your plans to be built. I can also write certification letter for your structural design. The recommended price is for structural certification letter. I would charge you only for design and drafting (excluding certification letter) for about 900$.

Deliver in 14 days