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Control as device via a serial port read channel data and display as a set of graphs extract parameters such as max min, max rate etc fit a curve to data recorded

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Nicholas S.
Joined Aug 2020
Submitted 8 Aug 2020 at 10:55
Expired 3 months ago
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Hi Well experienced in programming and hardware designing. I was thinking to make an interface for that to bring it online, connect it to internet and then build nice web based panel for that to access all the information that you need where ever you want. Just to estimate the time and the total cost, I need more details.

Deliver in 10 days
Sim Touch Technology

With over 10 years experience in both software development and in RF, analog and digital electronics in both servicing and design/development. I would envisage the application would be developed as flexibly as possible. Perhaps a device service and a GUI application that facilitates the GUI connecting (across a network) to multiple device services and the device service capable of connecting to multiple RS232 ports on the same hardware with USB detection and RS232 identification processes. This type of application/service maybe overkill in laboratory testing environment but maybe more useful in a in the field monitoring situation. Which ever the case, I look forward to further discussing your requirements should you wish. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Estimated 480 hours
Md Saroar Jahan

The project looks pretty interesting and challenging. I am a 20+ years of experienced software engineer. I have the expertise of all tools and technologies required for this project. Though, I haven't done much system level programming, I think that communicating with the device over serial port is very straight forward. The computation and analyzing part is far more interesting and challenging.

At this stage I cannot calculate precisely the total man-hour required to complete the project. However, a ballpark figure can be something between 650 to 900 man-hours.

I would love to discuss more about project planning, design and implementation plan.

Estimated 650 hours