Adobe Indesign layout / typesetting in multiple languages (ongoing)

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I am looking for a freelancer with exceptional typesetting / design skills in Adobe Indesign / Illustrator, with experience in design layout / typesetting in multiple languages.

I will provide:

  • An English version of a final layout in Indesign / Illustrator (flyer, brochure, book, business card, magazine etc...)
  • A translation of the text contained in the Indesign file, but it will be in a Word document (laid out on a table - English text on left and translation on the right).

You would need to:

  • Take the translation from the Word document and correctly typeset it into the English Indesign file, matching the original English formatting, style, color, size etc...

When you are done, there will be 2 round of proofreading:

  • 1st round will be corrections from me regarding any layout inconsistencies.
  • 2nd round will be corrections to any translations which I will provide to you.

At the end of the job you will need to provide:

  • The typeset indesign package in all languages
  • A High res PDF
  • A low res PDF

Important: You need to be able to understand how different languages work. For instance Arabic uses a right-to-left writing system. Chinese usually needs to have text justified a certain way. Etc... If you are not sure of how to typeset other languages, please do not apply. I don't expect an individual to know how to typeset all languages, but a general understanding is needed.

The number of jobs will be between 1 and 100 per year, depending on your experience, ability etc... The first job will be a test to prove your abilities.

Each job will generally pay between $15 - 35 AUD per hour, depending on complexity of the typesetting involved and ability. Price will be offered on per job basis.

Keeping to deadlines and informing me of any problems ASAP is essential.

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Dimitri P.
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