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I'm looking to create a basic Alexa Skill so that an Amazon Echo can recite a list of names when prompted.

Example of desired functionality would be: USER: "Alexa, please introduce the team" ALEXA: "Sure. The team is Jane Doe, John Smith, and James Williams"

Skill must be completed, tested and functional by COB Monday 26 March

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Andrew S.
Joined Mar 2018
Submitted 22 Mar 2018 at 22:40
Expired 1 year ago
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LA Design Practice

Hi Andrew

Hope you're well. I would love to help you with this! Assuming this covers the functionality, we can have this done by Monday. I only have two notes:

  • First: We may need to adjust your phrasing. Typically skills are involved in the format: "Alexa, < verb > < invocation name > < action >" We could do, for example: "Alexa < ask > < the directory > < to introduce the team >"

  • Second: I'm assuming this skill will never be in the marketplace. If you need it in the marketplace by Monday, we can't do that due to the time it takes Amazon to approve skills.

Also - assuming its not in the marketplace, we may actually be able to get your phrasing to work (or closer to it). We've done a few skills that won't be published the have "creative" invocation names. I would have to try a few things to see what we can do. However - invocation is controlled by Amazon, not us. So there are limits.

Lastly, for this to be done by Monday, we will need access to your Amazon Developer account and AWS account. We don't currently host Alexa Skills. I can provide you with details on creating those accounts and granting us access to them (you're welcome to revoke access the moment the project is delivered).

Let me know if you have any questions, Thanks, Leon

Deliver in 3 days