Android App Development for Mobile Device

New South Wales, AU
Freelance / Casual
1 - 4 weeks

The developer is required to expand on existing skeleton code to create the specific processes and capabilities required to add a User Interface to a specific commercial Portable Data Terminal (PDT). The (PDT) requires the addition of OCR, Voice Recognition and RFID scanning capabilities, plus OTA file transfer capability. The user interface will then be revised as it enables all communications and file transfer processes to occur efficiently and wirelessly within a broader proprietary system. Signing a NDA is mandatory please.

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Paul M.
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Submitted 21 Apr 2017 at 05:57
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Whitetower Digital

Happy to sign the NDA to learn more about the project, we have built apps for ASX, Vodafone, Paramatta Eels and many other large and small businesses around Australia. We would love to help you out with this project but will need to learn more. Feel free to contact me on

Estimated 120 hours

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